2-piece E-Z Balloon Cup and E-Z Balloon Stick - 250 pc/bag x 20 bags/case (5,000 pcs)

Color:: White (2 piece design) (5000 pcs)
Sale price$253.57


The E-Z way to seal an Air-filled Latex or Foil Balloon in just seconds.

2-Piece E-Z Balloon Cup & E-Z Balloon Stick (2 piece design)

Packaged: 250 pc/bag x 20 bags/case (cups/sticks are packaged in separate bags and cases but sold as a "set" (5000 pcs)

E-Z Balloon Cup and E-Z Balloon Stick is the Fast Way to Seal Air Filled Latex and Foil Balloons

The E-Z Balloon Cup is a top quality Balloon Cup that is specifically designed for Balloon Decorators, Retailers and Fast Moving Operations who need to quickly seal Air Filled Latex Balloons or Air Filled Foil Balloons and provide a convenient display / holder.


    • Easy to assemble with E-Z Balloon Stick (for 2 piece design, for 1 piece no assembly required)
    • Flexible & Sturdy design for reliable use
    • White Cup compliments every color balloon
    • Available in Colors (Primary-Plus, Neon & Pastel Assortment)
    • Perfect for most size Latex Balloons
    • Perfect for 9" and 14" Foil Balloons
    • Air Filled Balloons save you money on Helium

Great for:

    • Retailers
    • Product Giveaways
    • Advertising & Marketing Campaigns
    • Balloon Distributors
    • Florists
    • Hospitals
    • Gift Shops
    • Birthday Party Favors
    • Balloon Decorators

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