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Custom Printed Foil Balloons 

Creative Balloons Manufacturing works with leading brands and retailers to supply eye-catching custom printed foil balloons for new product launches, grand store openings, trade shows, and special events around the globe. 

Some of our clients include Sony Playstation®, PaperSource®, LOTTE®, Victoria's Secret® and many more.

Work with our in-house design team to create Custom Printed Foil Balloons for your upcoming projects. Let our team handle everything from quoting, digital proof rendering, manufacturing, packaging, kitting, assembly and shipping worldwide. 

Custom Printed Foil Balloons are great for Retail Sale, Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) Displays, Special Events, Advertising, Giveaways, Holidays and Fundraising. Custom Printed Foil Balloons are the ideal, cost-effective solution. Work with our design team to create an amazing, one-of-a-kind Custom Print Foil Balloon that will impress everyone! From concept proof, through production and final delivery, our Balloon Experts are your turn-key custom solution.

We Love Making Brands Happy:

Custom Printed Balloons Done Right.

Pick Your Balloon Size:

  • 17" Round Foil Balloon (U.S. Printed - est. 5 day printing)
  • 17" Heart Foil Balloon (U.S. Printed - est. 5 day printing)
  • 17" Star Foil Balloon (U.S. Printed - est. 5 day printing)
  • 22" Square Foil Balloon (U.S. Printed - est. 5 day printing)
  • 3-D Sphere, Cube, Diamond Foil Balloon (U.S. Printed - est. 5 day printing)
  • 18"-36" Round Foil Balloon (Mexico Printed, 3,000-5,000 pc MOQ, 4-6 week lead time, full bleed to edges, CMYK Flexo-graphic printing)

Choose Your Balloon Colors:

  • We offer Pantone Color Matching (PMS) Inks on stock U.S. Shapes (17" Round/Heart/Star and 22" Square). For a Custom Color Balloon, we can accommodate your needs with the Mexico facility providing the order meets the required minimums. Contact us for a quote to inquire.

Choose Your Packaging:

  • Standard packaging for U.S. Printed Foils is 500 pcs/box max. If you require a smaller case pack, please inquire for a quote and we can assist you. If you require a Customized Retail Single Pack, we can also accommodate that request with our Mexico facility providing the order meets the minimums. Please inquire for a quote and MOQs.

Choose Your Balloon Accessories:

  • We offer a wide range of matching balloon accessories including our patented 1-piece E-Z Balloon Stick™ holders for air-filled foil balloons, our filled disposable helium tanks (E-Z Balloon Kit™), Ribbon (pre-attached to each balloon for you), and Balloon Weights to match the color and size of your custom printed foil balloons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? We've got you covered!

How do I get a quote?

  1. If ordering less that 1,000 balloons, or if required in the next few weeks, we recommend our domestic print service here to order online. If you require full color bleed, custom packaging, ribbon attachment, and can meet our minimums (5000 pc+), please contact us for quote with our high volume facility. 
  2. A team member will provide you with a quote that outlines the minimum production quantity, shape, colors, and cost estimates.
  3. If the quote meets your approval, we will need all hi-resolution editable art files emailed to us. The team member will provide details.
  4. We will begin by producing a proof rendering and once approved, we will request a PO and begin on the final digital rendering and order.

What are your minimums? 

  • As with all manufacturing, our facilities have the following production run minimums currently. 
  • Small Qty U.S. Printing Facility: 1-2 week lead time
  • 17" Round/Heart/Star Foil Balloons - 100 balloons (1 color ink/1 side)
  • 17" Round/Heart/Star Foil Balloons - 250 balloons (2 color ink/2 side)
  • 17" Round/Heart/Star Foil Balloons - 1000 balloons (3-4 color ink/2 side)
  • High Volume Printing Facility: 4-6 week lead time
  • 4" (Air-Fillable) Foil Balloons - 15,000 balloons
  • 9" (Air-Fillable) Foil Balloons - 10,000 balloons
  • 14" (Air-Fillable) Foil Balloons - 7,500 balloons
  • 18"-24" Round/Stock Shape Foil Balloons - 5,000 balloons
  • 26"-36" Round/Stock Shape Foil Balloons - 3,000 balloons
  • NOTE: There is a +/- variance of 10% in quantity for each production run.
  • * We cannot quote on Custom Printed Foil Balloons that do not meet the above minimums, sorry. 

How long do you need for production?

Typically 1-2 weeks for U.S. Printed Balloons. For larger orders, from start to finish, the process can take 4-6 weeks. On rare occasion, we may be able to expedite delivery based on our current production schedule - please inquire. If you require a 5 week rush there will be a $350 fee.

What are your shipping & handling charges?

Pricing will be FOB factory (USA), freight not included. We offer Free Shipping Nationwide in the 48 United States on Custom Printed Foil Balloon orders from our Mexico facility providing they meet the required minimums. For international deliveries, we can either provide a competitive quote door-to-door, or can arrange to have your freight forwarder or preferred shipping company handle importation and customs clearance for you.

What kinds of art files should I submit?

We require high resolution editable art files in either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. We may be able to use PDF in some instances. All art files should be sent via a secure document sharing service like Google Drive, DropBox, or if done via email, please email to your account manager.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept credit card, checks, bank or wire transfers as forms of payment. Please note that we charge a 3% fee for credit card payments. Your account manager will provide you with bank wire instructions or a credit card authorization form to process your deposit and payments.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the highly customized nature of Custom Shape and Custom Printed Balloons, we cannot provide a refund of any kind. We do stand behind the quality of our work, and if there is something wrong, we will do everything we can to make it right for you. Please let us know within 72 hours after receipt of product if there are any issues. 

Is it easy to re-order my balloons? 

Yes! Once the mold and art plates are created on the first order, we can produce a re-run of the same balloons for you on the next round. Turnaround should be faster as we will have everything set up for you providing the order was placed within one year from your last order. 

How many art plates will I need? 

Each color requires an art plate. We can only determine the number of art plates required once we see the editable artwork files. For U.S. printed orders, our max is 4 colors per side. For U.S. Printed Balloons, as they are silk-screen printed, we can re use the same art plates on side 1 for side 2. For larger volume orders, our max is 6 colors per side (12 total). We are unable to re use the same art plates on large scale orders as that process is Flexo-graphic printing and the entire balloon is printed at the same time both sides.

How can I make the balloons shiny or matte?

Balloon colors (stock colors) are mainly shiny. If you want the balloons, or a portion of the balloon, to be shiny and reflective, we can leave the base as silver and it will become shiny but only on large volume orders produced at our high volume facility. If we add a layer of white on top of the silver base (art plate), the color on top will be matte. We can discuss options with you on our exploratory phone call and via email to show you examples we have done for clients.

Can you attach ribbon to my balloons?

For small orders no, but we can supply you with ribbon spools. For larger production orders at our high volume facility, yes, the factory can add 7 feet of white coiled ribbon to each balloon for you prior to packaging for a small fee. We highly recommend this to avoid buying ribbon and having to attach to each yourself.

How much helium will my balloons need?

17" Round Balloons typically require 0.5 cubic feet of helium per balloon. For larger balloons, they can be 1 cubic foot to 1.5 cubic feet or more depending on the size. Once the balloons are finished, we can advise you as to the required amount of helium you will need to fill each balloon up with. We can also supply our E-Z Balloon Kit™ Helium Tanks for on-site helium balloon inflation at any of your events, trade shows, parties or more. Please inquire for a quote with your account manager.

Do you offer custom packaging? 

For larger production orders done at the high volume facility, we can provide a template and you can supply us with customized packaging for single retail packs (e.g. 1 balloon per pack with printed insert card with UPC barcode). We offer full color printed insert cards, and can do 1-3 balloons per package for a small fee. For small U.S. orders, we do no offer a custom packaging option.

What is your standard packaging?

For most foil balloons, we offer them "flat packed" meaning they are uninflated and flat in a box. For 17"-22" balloons, we typically pack 500 balloons per box. For larger 24"-36" balloons, we typically fold them and package them 5 pieces per clear polybag with sticker adhered. If you require any special packaging outside of this, we can provide a quote, let us know.

Do I need balloon weights to hold my balloons?

Yes! In California, it is penal law that any retailer selling and distributing helium filled mylar (foil) balloons must attach the correct size balloon weight to prevent balloons from floating into electrical power lines and causing outages/fires/injury. It is smart balloon practice to always tether your foil balloons with balloon weights. We manufacture a full range of designer Balloon Weights - please ask your sales manager for a quote.

Do you offer Custom Shaped Foil Balloons too?