Big Barrel E-Z Safety Seal™ Helium Balloon Valves | 250 pc bag x 20 bags (5,000 pcs)

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Big Barrel E-Z Safety Seal™ Helium Balloon Valve is the fastest and easiest way to inflate, seal, and string a Helium-filled Latex Balloon in just 6 seconds!

  • Great for Fast Balloon Distribution
  • Fits most 9" to 12" Latex Balloons
  • No stringing, hand-tying, or sore fingers.
  • It's E-Z. It's Fast. It's Safe.
  • Inflate, Seal, & String a Balloon in 6 seconds
  • Great for last-minute event decorating
  • Valved balloons can be re-inflated too
  • The valves are reusable and recyclable

Packaged: 250 pcs per bag x 20 bags per case

"Big Barrel" E-Z Safety Seal ™ Helium Balloon Valves


    • Ideal for 11" and 12" Helium-Filled Latex Balloons
    • "Big Barrel" E-Z Safety Seal™ Valves fit all size Helium Inflators
    • Self-Sealing clear colored valve matches all color balloons
    • Balloon Valves fit easily into the "neck" of Latex Balloons
    • Packaged: 250 pcs/bag x 20 bags/case (5,000 pcs total per case)
    • 4-feet Coiled White Satin Ribbon Attached to Balloon Valves
    • Complies with CE Safety Standards
    • UK Design Number: 4020701
    • U.S. Patent: D657,002S

Valved Latex Balloons that include our patented "Big Barrel" E-Z Safety Seal™ Valve, make inflating and sealing a Helium-filled Latex Balloon fast and easy.  These Helium Balloon Valves include 4 feet of coiled satin ribbon, and completely eliminate hand-tying of balloons. Latex Balloons that include our Helium Balloon Valves can be re-used as there is no need to tie a knot in the neck of the balloon, and they are 100% recyclable. This time-saver is the best Helium Balloon selection for a fast-moving operation.


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