9-gram Happy Clip™ - Primary-Plus Assortment Balloon Weight Clip

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The 9-gram Happy Clip™ is a multi-functional Balloon Weight for both Latex and Foil Balloons, that can easily tether popular 18" Foils or 11" Latex Balloons, and can be clipped to any supermarket checkout aisle, floral vase, teddy bear plush toy, or on a table-top centerpiece. 

  • Great for 18" Foils or 11" Latex
  • Dual Functional Design
  • Recyclable

Packaged: 100 pcs per bag x 20 bags per case

Happy Clip™ Balloon Weight

Great for Supermarkets, Retail Stores, Special Events, Advertising, Birthday Party Decorations and more!

Happy Clip™:

    • Holds: 1 - 11" Helium-Filled Latex Balloon
    • Holds: 1 - 18" Helium-Filled Foil Balloon
    • Primary-Plus Color Assortment: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
    • 3-D Design provides dual functionality to tether a Helium Filled Balloon and Clip to any surface.
    • Festive and Fun Dual-Sided Happy Face design
    • 2 Large Top Loops and 1 Center Loop for easy ribbon attachment
    • Packaged: 100 pc/bag x 20 bags/case
    • Not intended for children under age 8
    • Recyclable

Happy Clip™ is a Registered Trademark of Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc.

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