65-gram Cube Weight™ - Metallic Rose Gold Balloon Weight

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The 65-gram Cube Weight™ is the perfect Decorative Balloon Weight for both Latex and Foil Balloon Clusters and Balloon Bouquets.

Great for Latex/Foils/Clusters

Chic, Colorful, Patented Design

Retail-Ready Bags with UPC included

10 pcs per bag x 20 bags per case

The Rosy Solution for Balloon Distribution

The 65 gram Metallic Rose Gold Cube Weight™ is the ideal Rose Gold Balloon Weight for Larger Balloon Clusters and Balloon Bouquets. A contemporary, 3-dimensional, cube-shaped balloon weight that features a specifically designed flat bottom portion to sit evenly on table tops, retail counters, and displays for a perfect finished balloon look.

Available in trendy Metallic Rose Gold, this bright and cheery, compact balloon weight is both highly functional and matches the most popular rose gold balloon colors on the market for a perfect everyday balloon program.

Great for Agencies, Supermarkets, Retail Chains, Party Stores, Florists, Balloon Decorators, Event Planners, Product Giveaways, and Advertising Balloon Campaigns.

65 Gram Cube Weight™ - Metallic Rose Gold Balloon Weights

        • Molded from Durable, Top-Quality Plastic Material

        • Holds up to 4 - 18" Foil Balloons 

        • Holds up to 4 - 11" Latex Balloons

        • Tethers 1 Anagram® Sing-A-Tune® Balloon

        • Tethers 1 Qualatex® Bubble Balloon®

        • Packaged: 10 pcs / bag x 20 bags / case

        • U.S. Patent: D634,793

      * Important: As per State Law, some U.S. States like California, require Foil Balloons to be tethered properly by Balloon Weights to prevent balloons from floating up into power lines and rafters and causing power outages. Use Smart Balloon practices and always properly weight your Helium filled balloons.

Cube Weight™ is a Trademark of Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc.

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