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Balloons and balloon sealing accessories go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you're looking for balloons, we have a huge selection! And if you're in the market for balloon sealing accessories, then you've come to the right place.

We design and produce everything from balloon valves to balloon ties, balloon sealing discs, and air-filled balloon cups and stick holders - all designed with your convenience in mind. With these products on hand at your next event or party, it's easy to make sure that balloons are sealed quickly and easily!

Since we began our company in 1973, we've been creating innovative solutions for balloon distribution, starting with our patented E-Z Safety Seal Valve, which is designed to quickly and easily inflate, seal, and string a perfect helium-filled latex balloon in just 6 seconds. This ingenious device has been used for decades by leading companies such as McDonald's and Burger King, as it makes balloon inflation and distribution easier for their staff. Our reusable and recyclable balloon valve not only enables customers to inflate, seal, and string a balloon in just seconds, but it also makes it re-inflatable!

We have also created other types of popular balloon sealing accessories including our E-Z Balloon Disc (which seals nearly all sized latex balloons), our E-Z Balloon Tie with Ribbon (which seals 9-14" helium-filled latex balloons), and our E-Z Balloon Stick (which seals air-filled latex and mini foil balloons).

Below are the balloon sealing accessories we offer:

  • Big Barrel E-Z Safety Seal™ Helium Balloon Valves
  • 1-piece E-Z Balloon Stick
  • 2-piece E-Z Balloon Cup™ and E-Z Balloon Stick
  • E-Z Balloon Disc™
  • E-Z Balloon Tie™ with White Ribbon

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