How to Tie a Balloon

Learn The Fast & E-Z Way To Tie a Balloon in 6 seconds

Do you want to learn how to tie a balloon quickly and easily?

Inflating hundreds of latex balloons for a party can easily take you an hour or more and leave you with sore, tired fingers. Blowing up balloons by mouth, hand-tying each one, cutting and attaching ribbon requires precious time that you simply don't have when planning a party or event. 

The Big Barrel E-Z Safety Seal™ Valve by Creative Balloons Manufacturing is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to inflate, seal, and string a perfect Helium-filled balloon in just 6 seconds! 

Simply insert the valve into the "neck" opening of any 11" or 12" latex balloon, inflate with helium through the valve, and the balloon automatically seals itself. Pull down on the attached 4-feet of white ribbon and you're done! Balloon decorating just got fast, fun, and E-Z! 

Big Barrel E-Z Safety Seal™ Valves are available in a 25-count value pack in Walmart Stores Nationwide and on

Helium Balloon Decorating 

is Fast, Fun, and E-Z with 

Big Barrel E-Z Safety Seal™ Valves 

  • Eliminates hand-tying of latex balloons.

  • Great for fast balloon decorating and event planning.

  • A valved balloon can be re-inflated.

  • Recommended with 11" or 12" latex balloons for max float time.

  • Big Barrel E-Z Safety Seal Valves fit all size helium inflators.

  • Self-sealing clear colored valve matches all color balloons.

  • Balloon Valves fit easily into neck of latex balloons.

  • 4-feet coiled white satin ribbon attached to balloon valves.

  • Reusable and recyclable.

  • Packaged: 25 pcs/bag

  • U.S. Patent: D657,002S

Inflate, Seal & String a Perfect Helium Latex Balloon in just 6 Seconds!

How to tie a balloon quickly and easily

The Big Barrel E-Z Safety Seal™ Valve automatically seals while you inflate the latex balloon with helium - no more hand-tying balloons, attaching ribbon, or sore-fingers! 

How to tie a balloon quickly and easily

Learn how to tie a balloon quickly and easily with the Big Barrel E-Z Safety Seal™ Valves. Great for Birthdays, Special Events, Sports Games, Holidays, and Parties Year-Round!


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