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Foil balloons are a great addition to any celebration!

Foil balloons come in a large variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes, so it's important that you choose the right foil balloon for your purpose. From parties and events to retail displays, promotions, and gifting bouquets, foil balloons are used for all types of purposes.

From solid-colored foil balloons in stock shapes (such as round, heart, and star shapes) to printed foil balloons (for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and other special occasions), we carry a wide array of foil balloon products.

We offer all types of sizes including standard 18" foil balloons, mini 4" and 9" foil balloons (that can be inflated with air), as well as larger 24" and 36" foil balloons (that can be inflated with helium). In addition to these popular styles, we carry letter and number shaped foil balloons, which are often used to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. We also carry 3-D foil balloons which are eye-catching, especially for events and conferences.

Below are all the types of foil balloons that we offer:

Foil balloons can stay inflated for many days, if not weeks, which makes them ideal for all types of occasions, including Grand Openings, celebrations and parties, special events and festivals, retail promotions, gifts, and more.

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