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Custom balloons are a budget-friendly way to create eye-catching advertising that gets noticed.

As Ray Kroc (the Founder of McDonald's) once said to our Company President, "Balloons are like bouncing billboards!" And he was right. As a long-term supplier to McDonald's for custom balloons, we've been helping companies like theirs (and many others) promote their brands through fun-filled balloons.

Custom printed latex balloons, custom printed foil balloons, and even custom shape foil balloons can be used for any occasion! From special events to in-store promotions, retail displays, conferences and festivals, grand openings, and more, custom balloons are the perfect way to capture attention.

Here are the 3 primary types of custom balloons we offer:

Our custom shaped foil balloons have been so popular with brands and retailers (like Karl Lagerfeld) that they have mentioned in the press (in magazines like WWD and Harper's Bazaar) and have even gone viral on the internet (through YouTube vloggers and social media influencers who created digital content featuring the balloons we produced).

For these reasons and more, custom balloons are truly an inexpensive, unique, and savvy way of increasing brand awareness and exposure for any type of company or organization.

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