Balloon Weights

Balloon weights are a must-have balloon accessory, as they prevent helium-filled balloons from floating away or being released into the atmosphere.

We produce balloon weights in various styles, shapes, and colors to make it easy for you to find the perfect one for your needs. Our line of unique, top-quality balloon weights come in different weights and sizes and are designed to tether various types of balloons, from latex balloons to foil balloons (including balloon bouquets).

In addition to a large assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors, we also produce a patented clip-style balloon weight that can attach to all types of surfaces (including flower vases and planters), and can be re-used as a chip clip afterward. We also produce a patented LogoWeight™, which enables our customers to create customized balloon weights featuring their logo, branding, or messaging.

In addition to being a law in California (and many other states), helium-filled foil balloons and latex balloons must be tethered with an appropriate balloon weight.

Below are the balloon weights that we produce:

  • 8 gram Happy Weight™
  • 8 gram LogoWeight™
  • 9 gram Happy Clip™
  • 15 gram Happy Weight™
  • 35 gram Bubble Weight™
  • 65 gram Cube Weight™
  • 100 gram Heavy Happy Weight™
To find out which size balloon weight is needed to hold down various sizes of balloons, we encourage you to check out our Balloon Weight Chart.

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